About us

Our Story

With more than 35 years in agriculture, BTV Crown Farms currently owns and operates 1.400 acres of prime agricultural land in Terra Bella and Delano areas of California’s fertile Central Valley. Beginning with land acquisition to crop development, harvesting, packing, and shipping, BTV is made up of dedicated employees who provide on-site management and supervision spanning all aspects of farm operations. BTV leads in the production of premium table grapes, citrus, and pistachios grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

BTV maintains its reputation for growing not only the best product but also some of the earliest in our region by growing, packing, and shipping fruits and nuts are grown exclusively from its own orchards and vineyards. This ensures maximum freshness and quality. Our crops are harvested at their peak of ripeness following stringent standards of food safety and only by selecting fruit unmatched in color and sweetness.

This attention to detail has enabled BTV to maintain its ability to produce superior quality BTV’s Kings Crown and King “B” labels are recognized as symbols of excellence, worldwide. With an emphasis on quality, rather than quantity, coupled with our continual research and development, BTV’s products easily stand apart from those of its competitors.

BTV was fortunate to be part of a select few, beginning in 2007, to field-test and then commercially produce now successful grape varieties such as Great Green, Ivory, Krissy, Timpson, and Timco. Currently, we are expanding our plantings of Sweet Enchantment (IFG-Eight). A very early black seedless grape and the only commercial planting in California. Due to I large part to our early successes, you now see, many new, aw well as established growers follow our lead and plant these now-proven varieties. We accomplished this by working closely with the world’s leading crop breeding programs, such as International Fruit Genetics, Sheehan Genetics, and BioGold NA, and are proud to have assisted in the commercialization of these “next generation” of fruits.